Why a Career in Insurance Sales?


Doctor. Pilot. Police Officer. Teacher. Insurance Agent?

Ask any licensed insurance agent if they dreamed of getting into insurance sales when they were a kid. I bet 98% of them tell you no, that job wasn’t in their career plans.

But when they did find the insurance career opportunity, they never looked back.

Really, Why a Career in Insurance Sales?

Insurance_sales and management_career

There are several compelling reasons to take a serious look at sales and management opportunities in the insurance industry. But, there are two really, really huge reasons people move into insurance sales, and stay in insurance sales.

1.  Helping people. Most working Americans long to have meaningful jobs. Work is where we spend most of our adult life. At the end of a long work day, reflecting back on the investment of one’s time, it’s good to know you’ve truly helped people and made a difference in the world. Whether it’s educating on the value of life insurance and how it can help keep a family in their home if a breadwinner dies. Or being able to help send a child to college, helping pay monthly bills, or helping pay for final expenses. Insurance is there during those unexpected, unplanned adverse moments in life.

2.  Lifetime renewals. While helping people, licensed insurance agents also gain access to earn a lucrative compensation. How? Residual income. Different insurance companies offer different compensation plans. At Family Heritage Life, you can earn lifetime renewals. Meaning, when you help a family with their insurance needs, and they continue to renew their policy, you will continue to earn renewals on that  policy. What other type of career do you continue to earn money over and over, and over?  And the best part is you helped protect them from financial adversity!!

That’s why a career in insurance sales.

But maybe you just don’t like the thought of ‘sales’, and that’s OK.  It’s OK because the insurance industry needs managers too. Leaders. So, if leadership is your calling, you can find a management career in the insurance industry.

Insurance Sales is a Family Business


While most kids may not dream about being in insurance sales when they grow up, career aspirations can and likely do change. Why? Because others see the happiness and satisfaction a career in insurance can bring from helping American families. And also the financial opportunities it can yield. Even if insurance is not the career path you originally chose, it’s never too late to change directions and find success somewhere new. Are you up for the challenge?

Insurance sales can be rewarding in more ways than one. In fact, see and hear from some of Family Heritage Life’s leaders on how they came to their career decision and what advice they would give to someone considering a change.

Share in the comments below how a career in the insurance industry has impacted your life.

Written by Christie Gibson

christie gibson is director of marketing. Google+