Never Too Late for a Career Change



Underpaid? Unfulfilled? Underestimated?

Then what’s holding you back from making a career change? Fear of change itself? Fear of the unknown? Fear of failing?

Come on, you know yourself better than that. Nothing in life is really easy, so you aren’t afraid of hard work. Go for it. Go for that job change. Go for something that will reward your performance and enable you to impact people positively.

So what career can give you all that?

Sales, of course. But not just any sales career.

Insurance sales. Before you make a preconceived judgment on an insurance sales career, check out these scenarios:


Mike sells cars for a living. When he sells a car, he gets a one-time commission on that car. To make more money, he needs to sell more cars.



Jill is a real estate agent. She sells homes and gets a one-time commission for each sale. To make more money, she needs to sell more homes.



Kate is a state-licensed insurance agent. She helps educate Americans on the different types of insurance products available in their state and what products they may need to help protect their families financially. She is paid commissions on the insurance products she sells, as well as residual income for as long as the policies remain in force. That means if a family keeps a policy for years, Kate receives ongoing residual income checks for years. Compensation structures vary by insurance company.

Can you see the difference in insurance sales versus real estate or automobile sales? Would you rather be paid once for a sale, or over and over and over?

If you’re seriously considering a career change to insurance sales, go big!

 Here are 3 big tips to get you started off right in an insurance sales job:

1.  Research insurance companies. Get an inside look at a company’s culture by checking out their Social Media. Websites are great for general information, but Social Media is dynamic and always changing and will really show you what the Company is all about. Also ask about compensation structure, bonuses, training provided, mentoring options, and leadership opportunities.

2. Visit your state’s department of insurance website. You’ll want to know any costs associated with taking the state insurance exam. You may need separate licenses for different lines of insurance, such as health and life. Some states allow temporary licenses. Check with the insurance company you’re considering to see what their requirements are for licensing prior to selling.

3.  Talk to your significant other. Make sure they’re on board with your career change. Insurance sales may not be easy at first while you’re learning the industry, products, and processes, as well as getting established in your community. You’ll need family support as you acclimate to your new career.

Seeing is believing. It’s always best when you can hear from someone who’s been there, done that. Watch this short video of someone who switched career fields and is enjoying success in insurance sales:

Written by Christie Gibson

christie gibson is director of marketing. Google+