Top 3 Sales Tips for Beginners


New to sales? Well, you’re not, really. If you think about it, all working professionals are in sales.

Teachers have to ‘sell’ students on topics, homework deadlines, and following rules. Managers have to ‘sell’ business owners on innovations, procurement requests, and hiring more people.  Doctors have to ‘sell’ patients on getting a test or having a procedure.

We all work in sales, just in different ways.

But if you’re new to insurance sales or any other type of product or service sales, you absolutely, positively MUST guide your career by The Golden Rule.


The Golden Rule in Sales

The Golden Rule in providing excellent customer service to your clients is simple:

Treat others how you want to be treated.

When meeting with a prospective client or even a returning customer, always treat them how you would expect to be treated by a sales professional.  If you expect top service, then provide top service.

Here are 3 simple sales tips that can guarantee success:

  1. Smile. Smiling is simple, easy, and free.  Smiling sends good vibes to your customers, helps them feel comfortable, and keeps appointments positive.
  2. Remember birthdays.  After you take on a new customer, use Microsoft Outlook Calendar or your mobile phone’s calendar app to set an annual reminder for your customer’s birthday.  You can either give them a call to wish them a Happy Birthday and see if any of their insurance needs have changed.  Or, send them a hand-signed card. A handwritten note or card goes a long way since it takes time and thought.
  3. Learn what’s important to your customer.  Maybe it’s her kitten, Snowball. Maybe it’s his ’65 Corvette. Maybe they are head over heels for their grandchildren.  Whatever is most important to him, her, or them, should be important enough for you to remember.  When you make that call to wish your client a Happy Birthday, also ask about Snowball, or if that Corvette is still running like a charm, or what the grandkids are up to these days.  When your customers know you care, they will care to remember you when their insurance needs change.

Now, go out there and sell some products or services with a smile. And always, always treat customers how you want to be treated.

Are there any other sales tips you’ve had success with?  Pay it forward and share your tips in the Comments section below.

Written by Christie Gibson

christie gibson is director of marketing. Google+

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  1. James Abraham

    4.Remember it is a privilege to be of service to others.
    Not everyone has an opportunity to make a difference in someone else’s life and there is
    honor in helping another individual.
    5.Confidence exhibits knowledge of product.
    When confidence is displayed the consumer is comfortable with you and is more likely to
    believe in your product.
    6.Sincerity projects trust.
    When you’re sincere your heart is in your relationship with your customers and they in
    turn feel that you’re loyal, committed, and that you’re relating from a compassionate and
    empathetic perspective.